About Us

About Brandywine Maintenance

BMC provides Commercial Business Cleaning and Janitorial Services to the Greater West Chester PA Areas in Chester County.

Brandywine Maintenance Company was founded in 1972 by Ed Myers.

Over the past thirty years Brandywine Maintenance has grown to become one of the most successful cleaning services in West Chester PA .

Due to foresight and planning, the company demonstrates an internal structure and organization which insures customer satisfaction and retention to a level well above average.

Brandywine Maintenance Chester County, PA
Commercial Business Cleaning

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Cleaning?

Brandywine Maintenance Company has become very unique in the region and has experienced continued growth for all the right reasons:

  • PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT – We are large enough to meet all your janitorial needs while being attentive to your special requirements
  • OVER 30 YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICE – Our customer base includes some of the most prestigious firms in the area
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – Ed Myers and his Supervisors oversee the high level of service
  • SUPERVISION – Our on-site supervisor maintains an open line of communication with your building manager
  • CUSTOMIZED SPECIFICATIONS – We customize our service to meet your needs
  • LABOR CONTROL – Our documented work routines which are the building blocks used to structure the cleaning of your building
  • ORGANIZATION – Our unique management approach which provides accountability and increased productivity

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Brandywine Maintenance Company consistently provides excellent janitorial service and has always responded to any request promptly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Ed Myers and his team for problem-free janitorial services.”

Ann Kirkpatrick, Property Manager, Brandolini Property Management, Inc.

“The Chester County Historical Society has depended on Brandywine Maintenance since 1990. They’re reliable and we trust their people to do a great job.”

The Chester County Historical Society

(610) 455-4264

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